Sport is a part of many people’s daily routine. Whether you are a casual exerciser, or a dedicated athlete, you may find that CBD can help with a number of areas when it comes to increasing performance, speeding up the body’s recovery process and optimising muscle functions.

In this post we explain the benefits of administering CBD for sport and exercise, and the areas of prevention and recovery where noticeable results can be found.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has officially removed CBD from it’s list of prohibited substances for athletes. This decision has been made due to  recognition of the natural, beneficial effects that CBD has on your body.

Recovery boosting

Applications of gels, lotions/creams or ointments containing CBD are the most effective method in tackling muscular aches and pains associated with after exercise recovery. This is due to the anti-inflammatory qualities that CBD possesses – Paired with a daily routine of CBD capsulesdroplets or Water solubles, you can fine tune yourself to boost your after sport recovery in a safe and healthy way.

Immune system strength

The properties of CBD help the athlete to strengthen the immune system, so that your body is more resistant to stress and infections. That means keeping the body and all organs in top condition. This of course applies not only to the advantage for athletes, but for everyone.

Pre-competitive stress

Prior to competitions, the body can experience stress and anxiety through intense training and exercises. When this happens, athletes are tired to such an extent that they can no longer train. CBD helps the body to suppress anxiety and stress, allowing athletes to continue training without the body reacting in a negative way. CBD helps the body to limit the stress response to workouts by creating the right amount of anti-stress and anxiety hormones in the brain.

Pain relief

When the body is trained too hard, pain can occur. If treatment is not received, muscle strain may develop after training, which can have a major impact on the athlete’s career. CBD helps athletes to increase their pain threshold and at the same time ensures that muscle cramps and pain are reduced after using CBD in sports.

Sleep / relaxation properties

It is suggested that CBD gives you a certain calmness that is necessary for a good and relaxing sleep. And that sleep is incredibly important for the recovery of the body is something everyone knows. Certainly when you want to achieve optimum performance.

CBD helps athletes to stand up energetically and rested, with the feeling that they are ready to win. In general, CBD products are naturally excellent for athlete’s muscle retention and for improving physical performance.

Appetite suppressing / weight gain control

The feeling of hunger diminishes when you use CBD. Furthermore, it also ensures that you keep your weight gain under control.

Endurance enhancing

By activating and balancing the endocannabinoid system in the human body, both the endurance and the overall condition of your body increases. As a result, CBD offers an athletic advantage in sport, which is useful as an athlete.

Optimises muscle gain

CBD in sports helps muscles to grow through the recovery process. In the area of ​​muscle gain, CBD products are particularly beneficial for athletes whose primary goals are power building and muscle gain. Through an enhanced recovery process and prevention of inflammation, athletes can build and expand their muscle mass faster.

They work powerfully against pain and sensitivity of athletes’ body due to the very heavy physical training they undergo. And all without getting high or damaging their body or performance.

The Zamalia Experience range of natural CBD based products utilise the highest quality broad and full-spectrum Cannabidiol. Paired with a host of natural minerals, essential oils, fruits and vegetables specifically designed to encourage your body to maintain itself in the best way possible.

Feel free to talk to us about introducing CBD into your sporting and exercise routine in the quest to get the best out of your body, with all the rewards it can bring.

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