There is a wealth of information when it comes to CBD and its benefits in general wellness. However, when it comes to the effective dosing of specific CBD based products, that comes down to the product itself and most importantly, you.

Here we explain how Zamalia Experience CBD Oil is best used, how to dose according to your body, what you can expect to feel and experience and when it will happen.

CBD dosing guide

When CBD enters your body, it travels through your endocannabinoid system to tell your body to relax and repair, relieving many symptoms from stress and anxiety to pain and much more.

When it comes to dosing CBD, it is important to take a couple of factors into consideration. The first one being how much you weight, and the second how severe your symptoms are.

Keep in mind that everybody is unique so you must feel and listen to your body in order to obtain that sweet spot and figure out the best dosage that works for you.

Whether you choose to consume CBD in an edible form like our gummy bears or use oil to drop it under your tongue, the effects will be the same and it will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes before you start feeling it work. We recommend starting with a low dosage for the first time and slowly augmenting the amount you take until you reach the desired effect. You will then know the right amount of CBD for you!

Incremental dosing week by week

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