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    CBD Massage oil 100ml (500mg)

    29.99 Incl. Tax

    Experience deep relaxation and allow your body to recover with our specially designed CBD Massage Oil.

    Based on almond oil and jojoba oil, our 100% natural CBD Massage Oil will soften and deeply nourish your skin, leaving a protective layer, so that moisture evaporates less quickly and it ensures a beautiful smooth skin.

    Almond oil is quickly absorbed by the skin as it resembles the body’s own sebum and it is also generally well tolerated by sensitive skin.

    In addition to the almond oil and jojoba oil, each bottle also contains 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD.
    Simply apply on dry skin and let the CBD work its magic!

    This product is vegan and does not contain any THC.

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    CBD Muscle cooling gel 90ml (1000mg)

    34.99 Incl. Tax

    Blast your skin with this cooling and hydrating CBD Muscle gel packed with 1000mg of CBD!

    This product uses a powerful blend of cooling essentials oils that brings that ice freeze sensation and keeps it there, along with a suite of extracts that will hydrates, soothes and rejuvenates your skin and muscles.

    Ideal after long days, after a work-out, or anytime you want a little cooling feeling, simply rub in a little cooling gel to deliver a powerful cooling sensation with this specially-formulated cooling gel.
    This stable formula can accompany you to the gym, to practice or for everyday use at home.

    This product is vegan and does not contain any THC.

  • CBD Repair cream 100ml (1000mg)

    44.95 Incl. Tax

    Get your life back by managing chronic pain with this work-a-wonder CBD Repair Cream.

    Our CBD repair cream contains 1000mg of CBD and is the perfect product for muscles and joints pain associated with arthritis, simple backaches and much more!

    This cream absorbs quickly into the skin with a refreshing aroma that will sooth the pain and put you back on your feet in no time.

    The container holds 100ml which is enough to cover large surfaces regularly.
    Simply apply on dry skin and let the CBD work its magic!

    This product is vegan and does not contain any THC.

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    CBD Sports gel 100ml (1000mg)

    34.99 Incl. Tax

    Did you know that many athletes use CBD before, during and after competitions?

    Give yourself the edge to outperform anybody with this CBD Sports Gel.

    An extremely relaxing gel that gives a powerful cold-warm feeling, this CBD Sports Gel is made with cooling menthol and warming capsicum, camphor oil and a whooping 1000 mg CBD.

    This muscle gel has a velvety smooth consistency that when evenly applied gets absorbed effectively.

    Formulated to provide relief for athletes, this muscle gel is loved by a broad audience and will help you reach higher performance and shorter recovery time – this product is a must-try!

    This product is vegan and does not contain any THC.