Water soluble CBD liquid 10ml 10%

49.99 Incl. Tax

  • Broad spectrum hemp Extract
  • Citric Acid
  • Coconut oil (MCT oil)
  • Modified soy lecithin
  • Purified water
  • Quillaja extract
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Great to help relieve all kinds of pain, anxiety, and stress in the entire body!
  • Easier to dose than when using drops
  • Four fun flavours making it a delicious CBD snack
  • Discreet and fun way to take CBD on the go
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card

Water-soluble CBD liquid is not yet known to everyone, but that will soon change!

Using nanotechnology that allows the CBD to be dissolved very easily in liquids, you can now enjoy taking CBD in a number of fun new and creative ways: a few pumps in a healthy smoothie for breakfast, mix it in fancy cocktails at a friend’s party, or add it to your relaxing afternoon tea – the possibilities are endless!

The bioavailability of water-soluble CBD liquid is up to 3 times higher than with traditional CBD oil, making a 5% drop of our water-soluble CBD liquid give at least the same effect as a 15% drop of the traditional CBD oil!

Our broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD contains CBDV and CBC in addition to CBD and it also contains naturally occurring terpenes, giving it a slightly fruity taste and smell, yummy!
Now Available in 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 20% strength in bottles of 10ml!

This product is vegan and in accord with European laws contains a THC concentration of 0.05%

Start your creative CBD journey now!

Zamalia Experience
Water soluble CBD liquid 10ml 10%
49.99 Incl. Tax