Marshmallow – 40 gram

When you hear the word marshmallow, you probably initially thought of the well-known candy. It is no coincidence that the names are the same as the root of the marshmallow was for a long time an important ingredient of the sweet treat, although nowadays you never see the plant in the recipe anymore.

Marshmallow has been seen as a medicinal herb since the Middle Ages and due to its many positive properties, the plant has become an indispensable part of traditional herbal medicine to this day. The Latin name of Marshmallow is Althaea Officinalis which is derived from the Greek word Althaía, meaning “she who heals”. Of course, it is not without reason that this herb is given such a meaningful name. Our medieval ancestors were very enthusiastic about the plant and used it for many different purposes. The plant was (and still is) found in many medieval herb and monastery gardens.


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Marshmallow – 40 gram