Guarana – 50 gram

Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) is a green climbing plant that can be found in the Amazon region, especially in Brazil. The reddish-brown berries and seeds of this plant have been used by indigenous tribes for hunting or in battle with other tribes for centuries. In fact, the plant is so important to some tribes that it has become a crucial part of their existence and culture. In addition to a symbolic value, the plant also has stimulating properties due to the high caffeine content of the plant.

Guarana contains 4-6 times more caffeine than the most famous caffeine bomb: coffee. Yet the effects are not exactly the same: where coffee provides a quick high caffeine peak, the substance is absorbed more gradually with Guarana. This means that the effects remain noticeable for a longer period of time and there is less of a dip, providing more energy and better focus, and promoting higher performance in sports, studies or work. Guarana is also a popular product to support a diet as it is packed with healthy antioxidants and has a mild appetite suppressant property.


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Guarana – 50 gram