Absinth – 50 gram

Absinthe (Artemisia Absinthium) also known as Wormwood, has acquired an almost mythical status over the centuries. We mainly know the herb from the infamous alcoholic drink Absinthe, which was popular among several famous painters, yet it is still used in many other ways to this day for its unique properties. Found in large parts of Europe, Absinthe can grow to a size of about 60-120 cm and can be recognized by its grayish leaves. When it is in bloom, yellow flowers appear.

Various properties have been attributed to absinthe for centuries. In classical antiquity it was already believed that the plant could be used as a general remedy to improve health. Romans and pilgrims also put the herb in their footwear during long journeys to help prevent foot pain and infections. In modern history, we mainly know Wormwood as an ingredient in alcoholic drinks and the stories that accompany them.

Absinthe can have a positive effect on digestion, stimulate appetite and generally have a positive effect on bowel movements. Due to its soothing effect, this herb is also used to relax.


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Absinth – 50 gram